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Enriching families with quality and reliable household products.

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"From our family to yours"

Cap Keluarga knows that enjoying the best things life has to offer truly begins at home. Whether it's waking up to your favourite morning beverages or bonding over a hot family meal of classic rice and staple dishes, home is the haven we go back to for comfort and to relish in the little things.

Cap Keluarga has been enriching the lives of families for generations in Penang with quality and reliable household products. From rice to oil and water to detergents, our commitment to ensuring the best for our consumers as well as the welfare of our retailers has made us a household name in the region, and we plan to spread this dedication throughout the nation.


1988 Established Chin Teow Hin (CTH) in Penang, trading mostly in animal feeds.
1990 Acquired Borong license and ventured into the wholesale of essential food products such as rice, sugar, flour and oil, predominantly in the Northern region.
2000 Launched the "CAP KELUARGA" brand with a product line consisting of rice, flour and cooking oil.
Built a water plant in Bayan Lepas, Penang for the "KELUARGA" drinking water.
2003 Acquired processing, bottling and repackaging plant for rice, soy bean, water and oil.
2017 Developed a strong presence in the Northern & Central regions, supplying to super and mini markets, coffee shops, wholesalers and factories.
2018 Established "KUMPULAN CAP KELUARGA" (KCK).
Expanded the product line, focusing on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) including chocolate malt, condensed milk, evaporated milk, canned sardines, instant noodles and more.
Secured a logistics team with 116 of commercial trucks to meet increasing demand.
Established 5 warehouses and branch offices across the country, with an active network of 9,000 retailers to date.